Fixing a broken system

Renters are on the frontline of this pandemic. Many are losing their incomes, and some are scared of being forced out of their homes.

We believe that nobody should be squeezed out of the market during a health emergency. It’s time to make sure that everyone has a place to call home.

Anglicare Australia is a partner in the Everybody’s Home campaign. To find out more about how we can fix the housing system, sign up the campaign.

» Raising the rate of payments, for good
Welfare increases for people out of work must become permanent. They must be extended to people with disabilities, age pensioners, and everybody who needs them.

This will help people keep a roof over the heads and buy essential supplies – and in a time of crisis, it will stop them from having to make unfair choices.

» More affordable rental homes
Nobody should be squeezed out of the market during a health emergency. We must invest in affordable rentals.

Ending our affordable housing shortfall would be the most powerful way to tackle the rental crisis – and boost our economy.

» A better deal for renters
State and territory leaders have agreed to rent relief for commercial tenants, helping them avoid a debt trap. Residential renters trying to keep a roof over their heads deserve the same respect. Mounting debts for renters would be a recipe for disaster.

We also need a moratorium on all evictions. So far, only Tasmania has committed to honouring the moratorium by stopping all evictions during this pandemic. We need every other government across Australia follow their lead.

In the midst of this crisis, we must make sure that renters can keep a roof over their heads – and stop any more Australians from falling into homelessness.

We need a real moratorium on evictions – and debt relief for renters in need.

» Help for people sleeping rough
Getting people off the street is critical to protecting them from the virus.

Victoria and WA are using empty hotel rooms and AirBnBs to protect people were sleeping rough.

We hope the Federal, State, and Territory governments will follow their lead, and tackle homelessness during this pandemic.