We need public and social housing

The homelessness crisis will only get worse after this downturn. The effects will be felt for years. Social housing is the best way to tackle that crisis.

Social housing will offer relief for the tens of thousands of people who are homeless in Australia. It also boosts GDP, and creates jobs in construction for the regions that need it most.

With the economy reeling from the recent bushfires and struggling in the wake of the coronavirus, we need to invest in projects that are shovel-ready. There is no time to waste. Social housing projects can get off the ground more quickly than road or rail infrastructure – and it brings longer-term benefits.

The Everybody’s Home has found that this is what Australians want – 75% of Australians support more social housing. Anglicare Australia is calling for 300,000 new public and social housing properties.

And in the midst of a health crisis, that call is urgent.