Why this is happening

» Government payments have been too low for too long
Welfare increases have given many Australians badly needed relief – but the private rental market is still failing people on the lowest incomes.

Age pensioners and people with disability have been left out altogether. They are at the very bottom of the market. Instead of looking after for them in the midst of a health crisis, we are leaving them to the mercy of the market.

If rates are halved in six months – and if those who are most vulnerable are left out – people will be pushed even deeper into poverty and homelessness.

» Not enough affordable rental homes
Australia’s affordable housing shortfall is massive. The Everybody’s Home campaign has shown we need 500,000 new affordable and social rentals across Australia.

We’re asking people to stay at home – so but we have failed to invest in homes for people who need them most.

» Renters have been left out and left behind
Across the country, we’ve heard stories from people who are losing their jobs and seeing their hours cut back. Incomes are drying up. People are at serious risk of losing their homes.

State and territory leaders have said there will be a ‘moratorium’ on evictions – but in most parts of Australia, renters are still being evicted. We’re already seeing stories from the frontline of people being evicted with nowhere to go.

In some parts of the country, tenants are even being evicted from public housing – in the midst of a health crisis. Governments should be leading private landlords by example, instead of making a mockery of the eviction moratorium.

» Too many people are sleeping rough
More than 8,000 Australians are sleeping rough. We are already seeing homeless Australians test positive for COVID-19.

People sleeping rough desperately need emergency accommodation, now more than ever.