Why this is happening

» Not enough affordable rental homes
Australia’s affordable housing shortfall is massive. The Everybody’s Home campaign has shown we need 500,000 new affordable and social rentals across Australia.

For years, we have failed to invest in homes for people who need them most.

» Government payments have been too low for too long
Last year, welfare increases gave many Australians badly needed relief – but that support has dried up, and the private rental market is still failing people on the lowest incomes.

People out of work have almost no options. The dire shortage of affordable rentals will force people to make tough to decisions to keep a roof over their head. Some will be turning to Anglicare agencies or other services to make the rent.

If we don’t lift rates above the poverty line, people will be pushed even deeper into poverty and homelessness.

» Renters have been left out and left behind
Across Australia, renters have been left behind in the economic recovery.

Rents are less affordable than ever. Yet as we took our Snapshot, rent deferrals and eviction moratoriums expired in most parts of the country, with some renters in arrears for thousands of dollars. Many faced cuts to JobSeeker at the same time, while others – age pensioners, people with disability, and those earning the minimum wage – were left out of the Government’s response altogether.

If they can’t afford to repay their landlords, they could be evicted. Governments should step up to help people cope with these changes.